Saturday, 30 October 2010

i'm HomE

i'm home..
hehe,finally our first sem's final exam already not sure if i had giv it my best shot since i dun even do my revision..sigh..i'm just dependin' on what hav i learnt n wat i remember n bnefit from it.i dunno y dis laziness syndrome is affectin' me worsen day by day..what a,imhome for my holday..i supposed to be happy n relaxin' myself but inside me im really worriyin' abot how my result will be..what a feelin'..what a pain in the ass..haha..serve u right..

today is my 4th day of holiday bfore i go back to kml on 7 nov to start da 2nd sem..there are many things dat i want to do this holiday..i wanna met all of my futsal tgether..haha..i must make use of every moment of my holiday effectively..hehe..

HAPPY HOLIDAY TO EVERYONE(yg holiday saja lah.yg mw exam toh,gudluck yea =] )

Friday, 8 October 2010

lalalala..pspm oh pspm..

OMG!pspm is just around the corner..huhuhu..while my muet exam's is just about in 2 days time..which i will be sitting for the muet speaking test this sunday's morning..haha..i know i'm not well prepared so as the other of my buddies..we have trained,but that is not enough to achieve higher bands,i think,b'coz the qualities that we possess were not good enough..huhuhu..what to do..go with it man,face it..hahaha..juz do the best for our future..i'm wishing everybody who took the exam Gud the best and beat the best to be the best,. (^_^) SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI TO everyone(blum tlambat lagi bh kn..heheheh)