Wednesday, 5 August 2009


TEAM TRT kli nihh khas utk ptandingan bola sepak 7-sbelah yg tlah diadakan d smk kolombong..ptandingan kli nihh,d organisekan ole klas 5 wira yg mrupakan klas sains sukan..hmm,mmg ngamla,ptandingan ini mrupakan ptandingan pringkat klas..stiap klas dgalakkan utk mghantar wakil..haha..dan akn brtarung dgn psukan yg,klas kmi,5 perdana,tlah mghantar 2 psukan yg trdri drpd llaki dan prempuan dgn mnggunakan nama TRT..hihihi..prlawanan prtama psukan TRT ialah mnentang psukan SAMUDERA MERAH PUTIH yg brasal dri klas 4 putra..dgn smngat yg kental para pmain dri psukan TRT,kmi brjaya mghalang jntera srangan psukan SAMUDERA MERAH PUTIH yg dianggap sgt kuat dan brjaya seri dlam prlawanan trsebut..para pmain dari kdua2 psukan tlah mnunjukkan komitmen yg tnggi dan smangat ksukanan yg baik dlam prlawanan trsebut..prlawanan kdua psukan TRT ialah mlawan psukan ANAK GAUL yg brasal dri klas 4 saga..(yg dpenuhi samsengs)hahaha..prlawanan yg amat mnarik tlah brlangsung d mna kdua2 psukan tdk brhenti2 mlakukan asakan..namun,pujian hruslah dbrikan kpda pra pmain krna tlah mnunjukkan smngat juang yg kental..dan pujian kpada pnjaga gol psukan TRT krna telah mnunjukkan mutu prmainan yg sgt baik wlaupun diasak brtubi2 ole psukan lwan..hihihi..prlawanan ini brkesudahan 1-0 d mna psukan TRT trpksa akur dgn kkalahan kpda psukan ANAK GAUL apabila sepakan penalti dberikan kpda psukan ANAK GAUL..namun,ada ura2 mngatakan bhwa pngadil prlawanan i2 brat sbelah krna spakan penalti tdk ptut dbrikan krna tiada sbab yg mmbolehkan sepakan penalti i2 dbrikan..hmmm..tapi biarlaa..kami smua brasa sgt puas brmain wlaupun x dpt msuk k pringkat sparuh akhir..hihihi..akhir kata,mjulah sukan utk negara..TE'DEE..

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


post fr dis week will be full of stories..story of,last week,ermm last week ari isnin,cam besa..havin' an assembly in da mornin'..then,got home late..afta goin' fr da physic class..then,da days afta dat,it's da same urghh..plg umah cam pkul 4 bah..hihihi..susa jgak nih..nsib next yer teda ok laa,it's for our own good jgak bha..den,ari jumaat ada cramah,cramah ttg sains n al-qur'an..hihihi..xda blajar lae..hihi..n ari jumaat tuh,xda klas add math..hihi..den,ari sbtu,trpksa grak lae p skul..ada klas tmbahan akaun n physic..hihihi..huhu..then,yesterday,got nothin happen,it's all like usual..hihi..go to school-hav class-extrra class-then,got home late..hihihi..ok den,dat's all for dis post..hihi..CHOWW..

Saturday, 18 July 2009


dis is da post for dis week..actually,dis week there were not many interestin' things,ari isnin yg lpas,

Saturday, 11 July 2009

mnggu te'dee™

so,post kli nih,aq pun x tau mo crita apa..mcm teda crita bah..oww..yaa,..mnggu nih..ari rabu n kamis,kt skuwl,ktorg adakan pmeran smpena mnggu sains n,dlam pmeran tuh,ktorg bwat gerai..hahaha..gerai cek jenis darah..huhu..hbat bah kami nih..pndai uda cek darah urg..(pdahal,bru jak mnggu lpas kmi blajar bio,topik jenis darah)..hahaha..trus dipraktikkan,smbutan kt gerai kami amatlah,tramat mmberangsngkan..hihihi..byk plnggan oww..bkan stakat plajar,cgu pun,aq pun jdila doktor yg x btauliah..hahaha..hbat2..hsil kutipan tuh,kmi msukkan dlam tbung klas,hahaha..hbat kmai bwat bisnes..nsib cgu kenneth tlong kmi..hahaha..thanks mr kenneth..then,ari jumaat ktorg ada ptandingan,mind fiesta..huhu..kli nih,3 grup dri TRT tlah mn"join"kan dri,kputusannya,suma kala..suma grup TRT mmbri "can"..kpada team yg lain utk mrasai kmenangan..hahaha..baek bah kan kmi,i2la shja utk post kli nihh..hahaha...choww!!..™

Friday, 3 July 2009

tagged from RINA..

1. who tag you?
of course la rina..

2. do you like tags?

3. If you can have a dream to come true,what would it be?
go back to my past and make everything perfect..hahaha..sound funny

4. What is your current mood?

5. What will u do if your crush said he/she adores u too?
hahaha..we'll goin' through da motion..

6. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?

7. Which will you prefer,loving someone or being loved by someone?
both klu being loved pun siok gak..

8. What is your favourite food?
mstilah yg delicious..

9. If the person you dislike is right infront of you,what will you do?
pretending like there's nobody infront of me..

10. What do you pray each day for your loved ones?
like always,pray for everyhing..

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
a usefull guy,that have the ability to compete with other and being on top of others..

12. What is the reason that could make you tensed up?
bla suma prkara2 yg mmbuatkan sya brasa stress trjadi,ctakat nih,lum prnah trjadi laa..

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tag u is?
urmmm..someone who is nice,friendly and suma yg bgusla..

4. Would you rather be a single and rich or married but poor?
well,it's one's opinion,but for me,i rather lead a simple life..remember that we need a mate to undergo our life,especially as we're growing older..

15. Would you sacrifice for your loved ones?
i will..haha

16. What's the character must have in your partner?
nntila aq pkir..

17. If you fall in love with to people simultanously,who would you like to pick?
i will not let it happen..

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that someone has done?
i'm not too nice..but mybe i will..

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
single is da best for now..

20. What is your embarassing moment?
embarassing huh??

21. Who are the 5 person that you would like to tag?


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

i'm a dead meat!!

omg!!it's been a long tym since the last post..dis,few days,i don't feel like to post anything,eventhough i hav many story to share..hahahaha..k laa..last saturday,..we,(me and many of TRT members,and fom 3 students)going to war!!war with other students in 1B..for the RHB THE STAR MIGHTY MIND SABAH STATE CHALLENGE..we're there for about one day..hihihi..we've also take a stroll there before competin',..hahaha..two team from fom 3 and also two team from fom was a very competitive comptition as there are skuwl from all region of sabah were taking was a good chance for all of us to meet with new friends as well as old,the winner fr da fom 3 is smk bahang and the winner for the fom 5 is sm convent st cecillia all the way from was worth for them,to win and representing sabah at the national challenge that will be held on august..huhu..congratulate to u all,and do da best at da national level..then,as for me,i will be competin in SIR for abut less than two weeks will be held on 5 july at the same place,, 1B...hahaha..i feel pity with myself coz i didn't even do any revision or practising..hahahaha..never open any will be a tough time for me..hahahaha..k laa..ckupla ctakat nih jak kli nihh..choww

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

tagged again..

RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

sweet child of mine

love story

don't trust me

knockin on heavens door

lady in red

wonder boy

hotel california

cuts like a knife

she's gone

WHAT IS 2 + 2?

perfect stranger

fly away from here

what about now

gotta be somebody

one last breath

rolling star

seek & destroy


savin' me

life for rent



sepa2 jak yg mau

smbungan tagged dri rina..

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
WTF??why the hell i want someone to be dead??i'm not god..hahaha..
8. What does your last text message say ?
guess what??mstila bye2..
9. What are you thinking right now ?
SIR tnggal 2 mnggu lae..exam aq byk ggal!!
1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now ?
why not??mybe..errmm..
11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?
awal..kul 10 kot..
12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
kadai laa..t-shirt tangkurak!!hahaha..
13. Is someone on your mind right now ?
of course..
14. Who was the last person who text you ?
ermm..let's see..amira kot..
TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz.
6.TRT members
7.org2 sheriuouss
10.farah nurain

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with ? dia sllu bwat2 ada..
16. Is no.3 a male or a female?
male..provided with six pack and a large arm with excessive muscles containing outrageous power..
17. If no.7 and no.1 get together , would it be a good?
i dont know..what do you think abot it rina??
18. What is no.1 studying about?
study laa..
19. When was the last time you chatted with them ?
1.bru jak
2.bru jak
3.tdi d klass
4.tdi d klass
5.tdi d klass
8.ntah..lpa uda..
9.bru jak
10.ari ahad kot..coz dia mo blik mrsm uda..
20.Is no.4 single?
ezwan??dia nihh complicated..mcm "ada couple kata single"
21. Say something about no. 2.
pro hoki
22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together?
hah!!mmg together ponn..stu geng kan..
23. Describe no.9.
bdak mktab sbah..x brpa knal,tp bwat2 knal laa..
24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight ?
never ever!!aslkan aq ktua,smua tuh xkan jdi..
25. Do you like 8?
yes, my friend..she's pro in field hockey..

Saturday, 13 June 2009

tagged from rina..

1.Besides your lips , where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
slain lips,mna lgi bole di "kiss" haa??
2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
hahaha..arini??msih smbung tdo lae..(arini bgun kul 4.30 pgi)
3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo with?
geng TRT..rey,daus,ezwan,faiz..
4. Would you consider yourself spoiled? anak jantan..hahaha..
5. Will you ever donate blood?
knapa tdak?? lum dpt pluang lgi bhaa..
6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
ada kott..

Saturday, 6 June 2009


cuti kli nh agak nothin 2 do oww..suma org cbuk..x dpt blik kg..mybe tgokla next week..sal prents pun quite busy..byk kja umah lae..hahaha..kna buat..kputusan exam mid term pun agak mngecewakan..hahaha..x tau la pa reaksi prents aq klu tau aq ada ggal..hahaha..let it be..bnda dh trjadi..yg pnting ckrg,kna usha utk improve kan dri tym cuti,x leh lpa study..must study..hahhaha..pastu,SIR pun dah dkat..tnggal 4 mnggu lae..mighty mind tnggal 2 mnggu..kna bgi skongan kat dorg dbie,jessica,aby,ezwan,jackson,caroline..hahaha..kamu bole manang bha tuh.."yakin jak"..yg pnting kmu "sheriuouss"..n for the best..igt "practice make perfect"!!

Thursday, 4 June 2009


hihi..lma x buat post..dkat 2 mnggu dah..bkan x mo,tp kmalasan mlanda diriku dan diriku tdak mmpu utk mlawannya..(bkan x mmpu,sngaja mlas2..),for the past few weeks,byk tul tragedi yg brlaku sma ada dsedari ataupun,start from the last week..week trakhir skola bfore cuti pnggal,ari isnin..mcm besa ada prhimpunan,spatutnya,ktorg x yah pgi sal ktorg msih ada krtas..fizik..krtas exam kmi kna tunda smpai abis phimpunan..hihihi..ok la gak..then,ari isnin tu lah jgak..gigi aq kna cabut..hahaha..tuh dr, pi suntik kan,aq igtkan sakit,rupanya ckit pun teda rsa bhaa..hahaha..dua kali dia pi suntik..sodapp..trasa pi tumbuk mka aq pun teda rsa..hihihii..then,pas abis bius dia tuh,aq tgok mlut aq cam bngkak,mybe sal aq pi x sakit,xda hal lah bgi aq..gigi aq yg kna cabut pun x sakit lgsung..huhu..then,ari slasa..ktorg ada kem kat surau skola..kmi bdak fom 5 ajar bdak2 fom 1,how to solat,ajar dorg cra2 bacaan dlam solat..ktorg fom 5,jdi fasilitator..yg x btauliah..hihihi..program tuh blngsung smpai,blik umah aritu mmg pnat,okla siok,dpt ajar dorg..hihi..then,ari rbu mcm besa..cma kat psat sumber ada ptandingan,cam besa,kmi pun kmi kalaa..hahaha..biarlaa..byk manang uda bhaa..yg pnting puass..ari tuh jgakla kmi dpt bju klas kmi..hihi..wrna itam,tp oklaa semat gak..then,ari kamis..kmi skelas tlah mngenakan pkaian klas kmi sbagai uniform kmi pda hri trsebut..hihihi..byk cgu puji,mreka ckap bju klas kmi semat..hahhaa..thanks teacher,....then,last day,ari jumaat,ckit jak yg dtg gi skuwl..kmi ada smbutan hari guru pringkat skolaa..mmg siok ari tuh..dpt tgok mka2 lwak pra gru..hihihi..mmg,ktorg pun jlan2 laa kat skuwl,mnikmati pmandgan sblum brcuti skolaa..hahaha..byk gak cwek2 kat skuwl yg kmi kacau..hahaha..ok laa i2 jak crita aq utk post kli nihh..kpada suma kwan2ku dluar sna or sepa2 jak laa HAPY HOLIDAY 2 U ALL

Friday, 22 May 2009


so,kmarin xda post..kra aq slitkan lah d post,ari kamis yg llu...exam hari kamis maths 1,agama 1,n kimia 1..kra smua ok laa..psal byk yg men objektif agama parak tdur bha 1 jam..slamba jak nih..hihihi..biarlaa..then arini lak pper sejarah 1,akaun 1,n add math 1..hihihi..sejarah ada jgak aq slah..hihhihi..akaun aq parak..19 jak btul baa..ada ka,mau llus msti dpt 29 mrkah dri krtas 2..hihihi..ssah buss..hahaha..pastuh,ptg ada tuisyen add math,cgu kci trang psal cmna mo bwat krja kursus..mmandngkan kmi nih lmbat dri skola lain..hihihi..byk la sumber2 yg bole d eksploitasi..ndak paya susa2 buat,tru jak copy&paste..hahaha..then..after tuisyen..mcm jam 3.30,aq pi ptong rmbut..ari kamis cgu roslan kci amaran nihh..hahaha..sia ckap kan.."uii,cantik rambut"..hahaha..mmg semat rmbut aq tym tuh..pnjang mmanjang..hahha..mybe dia x puas ati kot..hihihi..biarlaa..then,abis ptong mbut,aq plang..hihihi..bhaa..k laa..choww..te'dee..

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

8th day..

arini sbjek prinsip akaun 2 ngan maths 1..maths laa..yg ok..byk sanang sbaliknya ngan p.a....hahaha..akaun aq x aq biarkan jak tru wat soalan lain....psal teda ckup msa bha..byl lgi tuh yg aq x smpat jwab..cgu nety ckap,sapa ggal kli nih..kna wat pmbetulan 500 KALI!!..hahaha..abisla aq..hrap2 x ggal..

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

7th day..

arini ari exam yg ke 7..kra smnggu la kmi exam..tnggal 4 ari,sbjek today first agama islam 2..pastuh fizik 2..agama byk aq pi hantam jak..hahaha..teda bca nih..huhhuu..then,fizik lak..ok laa..biarpun teda bca..pngetahuan asas aq byk mmbntu dlam mnjwab soalan fizik..overall,ok laa..hahaha..

Monday, 18 May 2009

6th day of eXAM..

so,arini ari isnin..mcm besa,teda phimpunan..ari,ssampainya aq ke skola pgi tdi,d gate tuh kan,ada cgu roslan sdg mnunggu..bkan mnunggu bha mcm nmpak ada sorg bdak kna than..mybe sal rmbut kot..trus aq pun tkut suda nih..kan rmbu aq pnjang yg amat sgt..dhlah tuh,aq pi kci pacak2 lgi bha..hahaahaa,..mmg cri nhas laa..tkut suda kan,tpi aq bwat mka stedy bjalan mlintasi beliau dgn pnuh yakin dan psti..mka sheriuouss nih,..hahaha..n thank god,cgu roslan x than aq..tgok pun tdak..hahaha..gumbira aq x trhngga..hahahaha..bulih2 bha..pnya pnjg rmbut aq nih..tpacak lgi tuh..buli2 dia ndak than..hahha..alhamdulillah..xkan dia tkut ama aq kot..tgok pun ndak lgi tuh..jdi,slamatla,arini exam pper bio 2 n est 1, ok laa..byk yg kuar aq x bca yg sioknya est..suma soalan dia sanang2 bha..hihihi..kesiokan aq mnjwab..hahaha..bgus2..then pas exam ada klas pa smpai kul 2..hihihi..pnat buss..bhaa..ok laa..choww..te'dee..

Friday, 15 May 2009

5th day..mnggu 1st exam..

arini x byk sgt yg brlku..arini sbjek chemistry 3 bio 3 n bio 1..hihihi..suma okla..wlapun aq xda aq x yakin oww..main tulis2 jak tdi..byk experiment..hahaha..biarlaa..yg pnting sheriuouss..

Thursday, 14 May 2009

4th day..

arini..sbjek sivik ,chemistry 2 ama physic 3..pper kimia yg drasai ssah..sgt ssah..psal aq x bljar kan..tulah..suma soalan dia wat aq blurr..hihihi..jdi,aq pun main antam laa abis2an..hahaha..nsib pper physic sanang..brsiul2 bwat physic tdi..hihihi..sanang..biarpun aq x blajar..hihihi..sivik pun oklaa..biarpun soalan dia byk yg lcu2..hahaha..k laa..choww..te'dee..

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

third day..

arini sbjek sej 2 n bI 1..sej 2 aq antam jak..hihihi..trllu byk tdo tdi kat dlam klas..msa bI lak..teda,kmi pun mla lmbat laa..tpaksa gak aq pi blik cetak utk mncari pper exam kmi..apa brg pnya cgu..ilang lgi tuh..klu aq ndak pi amik..mmg ndakla kmi jwab tuh pper pun,tpaksa jdi gru buat smntara,overall,bI ok laa..biarpun byk yg aq antam..hihihi..yg pnting "sheriuouss"

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


T.R.T.. RoCkS!!

2nd day of mid term...

arini 2nd day..pper bM 2 ngan Add MAth aq tdo stu jam..hihihi..add math ssah ok laa..ada jgak aq jwab ckit2..wlaupun x aq sheriuouss jak..biarlaa..klu ggal apa leh wat..bM abis uda..bgus2..bsok lak..bI 2 ngan SeJ 1..hihihi..msti mo bca nota nih..bI ndak paya blajar..sng jak..hihihi..ok la..choww..

Monday, 11 May 2009


arini setat la pprangan mid yer..hihihi..arini sbjek pjk,bm 1 n bi 1..suma ok laa..ndak ssah yg rocknya aq..msa bi..1 jam 45 mnit..45 mnit tuh aq tdo..tdo sblum mnjawab soalan hahahaha..then,msa bm pun sma gak..2 jam 15 mnit..1 jam tuh aq tdo..hahaha..jdi,natijahnya,krangan aq pun hambur mambur laa..hahaha..hantam jak..tdak ckup msa..hihhihi..biarlaa..yg pnting sheriuouss..pastu,kul 1.30,ada klas tuisyen BI..cgu noradilaa..smpai kul 3.30,tp abis awal..kul 3 jak..pastu plang umah..hahaha..choww..te'dee..bsuk ada add math..msti study nihh..

Saturday, 9 May 2009

c rina main tagged..apa bhaa..

1. Senaraikan 10 images makanan/minuman yang anda teringin nak makan saat ini.
2. Carian hendaklah dilakukan dengan Google dan paparkan image paling menggiurkan.
3.Turutan gambar hendaklah mengikut nafsu keinginan anda masing-masing.
4. Sila tag 6 orang lain untuk tugasan ini. Selamat menyelesaikan tugasan!

10 images of food or drinks

>>since semua org pun bagi satu pixx aku pun ikut lah.ssah bha mo cri byk2..te'dee..

uiyo..sodap nih..tgok skali jak,trus tpikat..

puding nih mmg aq sgt suka..trutamanya yg brprisa mngga,stawberry,honeydew..hihihii..

nih pun aq sgt suka..x tau npa ckrg aq sgt suka mkan mkanan yg lmbut2..hihihhi..nih aq sgt ska klu prsa vanilla..mmg mmikat hati oww..

donut trbaik prnah ko hadam..

nihh mmg x bole ckap laa..mmg feveret..n brkhasiat lgi tuh..avocado mnjadi idol oww..

ini klu kat umah aq,msti ada jak aq smpan..klu tgok tv,mnjadi bhan sntapan..

ini mmg nasi lemak yg trbaik prnah ku msukkan dlam prut aq slama aq hdup d dunia nih..hahaha...sodapnya hngga mnjilat pnggan..

haaa..ini pun mmg syg,hri rya jak byk..klu hari besa,x puas mkan..

nih pun mkanan jawa nih mmg sodap..

ini mmg sodap..klu aq laa..psal aq yg buat sndiri..hihihi..

org2 yg sheriuouss
ahli2 TRT
owg yg bca nih..

Friday, 8 May 2009

mnggu nih..

so,mnggu nih x byk yg brlaku..ari isnin pmbhagian harta tuhan..(pnyampaian hadiah bgi smua aktiviti msa bulan bhsa),smua brjlan cam besa..x byk prkara siok yg brlaku..cma mnggu nih..cgu roslan smakin aktif dlam ushanya utk mncari rmbut pnjang..n mnguntingkannya dgn stailnya yg trsndiri..(stail yg KIBAK)..hahaha..thank gudness aq brjaya mlloskan dri dlam smua pmburuan,until now,rmbut aq still pnjang..hahaha..then,today,kmi wat lawatan lapangan kat SID..(kilang susu)..n kmpus kolej PTPL..hihihhi..byk gak la pngalaman bru aq dpt..kra bguna jak la lwatan tuh..hihhihihi..then,pas lwatan,blik gi skuwl ada lgi klas tuisyen add math..smpai jam 4..hihihi..quite tired week exam,gotta be ready..mna bole aq kala' sma durg..msti kci kala'..buat byk ltihan..igtla myself.."practice make perfect",i hope myself will study in order to fight with the question on the mid yer exam!!,dat's all for da week..choww..te'dee..

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


hahahaha..nice..akhirnya,kputusan ptandingan mmbina pkataan tlah pun dktahui..n aq mnang kdua2nya..hahahaha..
1.SUKARDI ABDULLAH (97 pkataan)
2.ELVINA TENNY (95 pkataan)
3.AYPRINO AXELL (94 pkataan
1.MISCHELENA MICHEAL (113 pkataan)
2.SUKARDI ABDULLAH (103 pkataan)
3.REILY JR SOIBIN (97 pkataan)..
so,dua2 aq ada mnang..hahaha..then,our drama..dpt no. ok laa..drpd teda..mmg x sngka dpt no. laa..psal kmi blakon pun hambur mambur bguslaa..

Thursday, 30 April 2009


for the past few days,trllu byk yg brlaku..ssah mo cita kan,first story is two week ago..when i was qualified to be our school representatives to the NST/RHB Spell-It-Right competition dis june..hihihi..we were havin' a spelling bee test to choose the best 4 from our school..hihihi,..i was shocked!!very shocked when i was informed by kak dila'aka mdm noradila(our bi teacher)dat i was one of the top 4..hihihihi...the other 3 was daus,jim kevin and freddy..x sngka lak yg llaki kat skola aq ni pro men spelling..hihihi..suma wakil llaki bhaa..hahaha..den,last week..org2 psat sumber tlah mnjalankan ptandingan scrabble n sahibba..utk team sahibba,aq bgandingan dgn reily,sbagai team TRT..hihihi..stelah mnempuh byk plawanan..n mnang..hihihi..kmi msuk final..hihihi..lwan team EXORA(ayda n candyrilla)n kmi tumpas d tgn,kmi no.2 team kmi jgak..slah stu cbg T.Revolusi T...(jessica n rey)...n den,for da scrabble..kmi,team TRT..(aq,jessica,reilly n rey)n sma jgak..after mnempuh plbagai cbaran..kmi msuk final lgi..lwan 5 waja..n kmi mnang!!hahaha..kemenangan brganda bgi TRT!!...hihihi..n den,dis week..ari isnin..kmi ada ptandingan drama bi..kmi tukar d saat2 akhir bhaa..tkar crita ok laa..kmi blakon ttg the tjuk dia a new day has jdi c ade laborteaux..suami kpada veronique laborteaux(yg dlakonkan ole c dbbie),seorg suami yg baek..pnyayang..n seorg krani mskin..hihihihi..i2 jak laa for da dramaa..den,dis week lae..ari rbu..kmarin..ada ptandingan mmbina pkataan.d library jgak..mmbina pkataan bm n bi..hihhi..hrap2 mnang!! mrah jak nih yaran..40 sen jak..hahahaha...ok laa..okk..ckuplaa ctakat ni sjaa..choww...te'dee..

Saturday, 18 April 2009


hahaha..arini..ada skuwl..cgu ckap,arini gnti ari jdual arini jdual ari kamis laa..mmg mlas mo gi skul arini aq gi jak..dgn kyakinan yg tnggi..psal byk kli uda aq x msuk klas..(nie suma psal trllu aktif la nih),aq dtg cam besa arini..smpai jak kat skul.,aq tgok klas aq ckit jak urg dia..hahaha,let it be,mmg besalarr tuh,byk org mlas uda..cpatutnya arini abis klas kul 4,tp tolak pnya tolak,akibat kmalasan cgu mgajar,kmi pulg jam 12:30..hahaha..bgus..tdi pun,cgu x mngajar jgak..byk cgu msuk klas,then sruh kmi buat kja msing2..then,msa pling last,physic,cgu pun mlas mngajar..cgu msuk ckjap then,kuar blik,..apalgi,kmi pun amik ksempatan nih utk blatih drama..drama bhsa week ada competition..smpena bulan jdi cast utama busss..jdi c EDWARD ANDIE..hihihi..crita psal friendship laa..nntila aq crita snopsis dia..hahaha....blakon ngan dorg dbie n jessica..hahaha..c aby pngarah..buli than la jgak..hihi..then,abis aby n daus go to inanam and go eat some "pisang ijau's"at fazirah's mummy stall..hihihi..then,after that,i go to a barber shop to get a haircut..bcoz,my hair is a kinda tbal oww..nnti next week x mau kna,amik lngkah slamat.gnting awal2..hihihi..then,go back homee..hahaha..byk lgi homwok aq lum buat nih..hihihi..bgus buat oww..nnti kna mrah..bhaa..CHOWW..

Friday, 17 April 2009

gmBar MAPC daaa..

ni gmbar aq pling suka daaa..ntah napa..mka pnyamun ini smua org..

muka2 ROCKERS yg dtmui kat yayasan sbah daaa..

bca apa daaa??surat cinta ka??

stail apa ini daaa??org dri planet nameck ka??


inilah dia cdikit hasil yg dperolehi slpas mghadiri MAPC kmarin,..hahaha..mcm kili'2 bha..

Thursday, 16 April 2009

hAhAhA..MAPC stOrY!! is MAPC(majlis anugerah pelajar cemerlang)..hihihi..being held in yayasan sabah's Tun hamdan mini hall..hihihi...

Monday, 13 April 2009


hihihi..ta'daa..kli nih bkan te'dee,stat la a new week..teda pa2 jgak yg best arni..smua cam besa jak..cma arini plg lmbat oww..jam 4 bru abis klas..pling last tdi bi..cgu tgok suma pun mcm teda smngat suda nih..hihihi..tmasuk aq laa..suma mcm mo ktduran suda bha..mta pun suma kuyu uda..hihihi...ari kamis cuti..ada MAPC..kat yayasan sbah lgi tuh..teteda bha..bgus lgi dorg wat kat skola..lgi yg lgi gnjil..nma aq ada bha trsenarai..hahaha...sgt gnjil..pelik bin bguslaa..hahaaha..

Friday, 10 April 2009


another boring day...guess i have to fill it with finishing my homework and nothing better to do..

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


haahahha..arini aq eskep skuwl..tba mcm mlas lak aq mo pgi skuwl..mngantuk pas solat sbuh..tba2 lak aq ndak msih mlas la mo pgi skuwl..klu gi skuwl msti plg pkul 5..mna siok..ari2 gtu..bkin stress owww..hahahaha..bgus aq on9 d umah..lgi siok..hihihi...kmarin eskep klas tuisyen..dhlah klas besa abis pkul 3..pastu,kna smbung lgi bha tuisyen smpai pkul 5..sepa mau..hahahaha..well,today aq x gi skuwl..bole aq rhat2 kat umah arini..lgpun dlam bbrpa ari nih,aq rsa mcm pnat smcam..mcm teda tnga oww..klu ada pun,mcm cpat abis pun hran..mcm teda smngat arini biar aq rhat fullblast,bsok,bngun dgn smngat bru,msi bru n aq yg yg akn brusha ke arah yg dpt 11a dlm spm(x kra la a1 or a2 jnji a),till 2 morro..arini bole enjoy puas2..hahahaha..mulai esok,no more tdo dlam more more more mlas2 k..konklusinya,starting 2 akn jdi org yg RAJIN!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

brg bgus..

stu prkara yg aq bru jak bljar..iaitu being sheriuouss..rmai ahli cerdik pndai mngatakan,jika kta ingin brjya,kta mstila sheriuouss..diiringi dgn kyakinan yg yakin jak..dan kprcayaan bhwa kta boleh..n aq mndpati bhwa suma aspek trsbut adlah sgt2 prlu dlam usha utk mnggapai kjayaan..ataupun hsrat kta utk mndptkan ssuatu..dlm khdupan ini,byk hlngan akn mlnda kta dlam prjlanan hidp yg brliku2..inilah sbbnya kta mmrlukan kyakinan dan kpercayaan serta kesheriuouss'an dlam mnmpuhi idup ini..tnpanya,hidp kta akn trumbang-ambing@lugai2..tnpa hlatuju bak kta org inggeris"goin' through da motion'..hnya mngikut org lain tnpa tujuan yg psti..

hahaha..sbnrnya aq pun x tau apa yg aq ckapkan nih..teda pa2 suda mo post kan,..mlalut jak laaa..hahahaa buat yakin jak bha...

Saturday, 4 April 2009


mlas aq mo tlis apa2..mcm ilang smngat aq nih..teda pa2 mo ckap..bgus diam2..jak..

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


hahaha..kmarin aq gi ikut dorg kump kadet polis gi smbutan kor kadet polis yg ke 39 kat pdg pulapol kat kepayan..hihihi..byk polis kat sna oww..x kurg jga,kadet2 polis dri sikula'2 skitar x ikut kwad..mlas aq,trllu pnas n bkin jdi ajk sma shahrie..kmi jdi pnymbut ttamu, kmi smbut sorg jak..tuh org yg dorg pnggil pun x tau apa mksud dia nih ktua polis kk laa..hahaha..krja sng..smpai jak dia..dduk..abis krja lma jgak la kmi brdiri d bwh khngatan snaran mntari..hihihihihihi..siok laa jgak skit..then,abis tuh..kmi gi skuwl..round2 skuwl dgn full uniform..hahaha..suma org tgok oww..hihihi...abis jak kmi solat zohor,aq sma rey sma jairu..kmi gi turf..tgok pompuan men hoki..hahaha..lwak jgak dorg aq tgok pompuan skola kmi,ok la dorg men..cma dorg ndak yakin..sma ndak "sheriuouss"..hahaha..lgpun dorg ndak te'deee bha..suda aq ckap awl2 bha..msti biarlaa..hahahahaha..

Monday, 30 March 2009


hihihuhu..kmarin aq bru pulg dri kem..siok oww..byk aktiviti n less ddia pun dis kem,we all try 2 be the "insan cemerlang" yg pling siok antra smua kan,..mlm tuh..kmi abis cramah lbih kurg pkul 12 mlm lbih..then,kana' suru tdo..smpai jam 1 kan,kmi blum tdo nih..kmi mkan2..hahahaha..lpas tuh,stelah mndapati bhwa cgu suda tdo,apalagi,kmi pun mlalah jdi jajal..hahaha..amik torchlight,pastu aq sma geng aq yg suma nya smseng2 jlan2 mronda skola..hahaha..dorg sllu ckap kat blok mkmal ada hantu..hahaha...jdi,kmi pun prgilah k sna..hihihihi..siok,teda pa2,mmg siok laa..dpt kliling skola yg glap d wktu mlm..hihihihi..then,smpainya kmi kat surau,(tmpat kmi tdo) dorg azmi naik jajal lgi..brbkalkan pen marker d tgn..mreka mmulakan msi mnconteng mka org yg sdang tdo..hahahaha..kili'2 bha org tuh..then,kesokannya,kmi pun plg..lbih kurg jam 2..hihiahi..mmg siok,overall,kem ini sgt siok!!klu ada lgi,msti mo ikut pnyala..

Saturday, 28 March 2009


arini abis suda exam oww...diakiri dgn pper add maths yg abis lbih kurg pkul 8..hahahha..pas tuh,teda blajar..psal kmi pgi dgr cramah kat blik crna mnda..cramah dri UNITAR..hahaha..mcm butun2 dia pnya,siok laa lwak jgak dia 11 lbih bru dia abis cramah..hihihi..lpas cramah,aq gi rhat..teda msuk klas bha..trus escape nih jlan2 di skula smpai pulg..hihihi..lpas solat jumaat,aq gi e66,ptong hambutku yg fullblast tbal..psal cgu roslan ckap mnggu dpan spa pnjg hmbut kna BOTAK!!..hahahaha..sepa mau..then,ptgnya,mcm hoki arini awk pulg,pkul 4  pulg suda kmi bha..hahahha..ari sbtu plak ada prkhemahan d skuwl..smpai ari ahad tgh ari nih..ngam laa..siok jgak nih skit,psal byk ahli geng TRT dtg..hahahaha..

Thursday, 26 March 2009


awl aq bgun buss arini..kra mo study,tp mcm mlas oww awl2 pgi bgini..hihihi..arini kertas fizik,bio,p.a.,n sivik..hbisla aq fizik,byk aq ndak pham oww..huhu..biarlaa..yakin jak bha..kmarin,kertas math,sjarah,est sma chemi..ok la jgak..ndak la jgak lugai2 ndak apa bha,ni smua bru pnilaian..apa mo ssah..spm ada 6 thun lgi..hahahaa..6 thun...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


arini,setat la pnilaian 1..sbjek first bm..sng jak yg lwaknya,msa exam tuh kan,aq bkan buat bm,aq pgi mlukis katun..hahaha..kdapatan lgi tuh oleh cgu..kna kci ktawa busss..biarlaa..tnggal stngah jam bru aq buat i2 bm..hahaha..pastu bi..sng sgt nih hihihi..mcm teda tgok dorg smua pun awl siap..lpas rhat agama..ok la aq tdur stengah jam..jdi,tnggal stngah jam jak la aq jwab..nsib smpat..hihihi..pling last,sbjek tgok smua pun selambe jak jwab..awl siap lgi tuh..pastu plg..arini,aq ada klas fizik smpai jam 4 n pda msa yg sma ada ltihan hoki..hahahaha..dua2 aq ndak pgi bha..ckrg aq d umah nih..bgus aq tdo..hahahahha...

Monday, 23 March 2009


aduii..arini..ari isnin..mlas mo gi skuwl buss..suma homwok aq blum buat bha...bljar pun blum..bsuk mo pnilaian..pgi nih mcm besa..prhimpunan..lma buss..trllu byk yg dorg ckap..abis prhimpunan jak,..cigu roslan apalagi,trus wat spotcek rmbut..byk rmbut pnjang oww..trmsukla aq..hihihi..apalgi,kna tgkap la kmi..byk oww kmi..rmai ahli TRT yg dcekup akibat brmbut pnjang...hahahahaha...biarlaa..kmi kna bgi amaran..huhuhu..slamat..ndak kna butak...pastu,msa prtama BM,..kmi ada dbat,..psukan kmi,TRT.. lwan dorg dbbie,sherina,hatijah,sma rachel..hahaha..kmi jdi pmbangkang..siok men triak2 dlam klas..pastu agama,..teda ustaz,,..crita2 jak la kmi dlam klas..hahaha..boring jgak oww arini...ptgnya,..kmi abis klas pkul 3.10...trus trun pdg,men hoki..kci hlang stress..hahaha..siok owww..biarlaa bsuk exam..pduli apa aq..hihii..smpai ckrg pun aq msih lum study lgi..apa la mo jdi sma aq ni..hahaha..yakin jak bha..bsuk jwab jak spontan...kci on jak otak bha..klu ndak thu,timbak jak...hahahahaha...

Saturday, 21 March 2009


hihihi..abis aq, crita dia setat cm ni..arini,ada trening hoki sma,cam besa aq sma rey trun gi pdg turf seawal jam 7.30..hihihi..apalagi..kmi msuk jak pdg tuh,aq tgok teda org nih..kmi jak pling awl..then,kmi trusla maen...maen pnya maen..kono'2 aq jdi goalkeeper..hihihi..byk gak laa bola yg dorg hit aq sangga..hihihi..bngga aq..then,tba2 kan..c nusri pgi hit 2 bola..bola tuh pun mlambung lah tnggi..mlambung ke tmpat goalkeeper tmpat aq jaga tuh..then,tmpa dduga,aq yg tdak mnumpukan pda bola itu krna sdg asyik mnngok kwan ku yg laen yg sdg maen bola i2 trbang..trus trbang..and,pakk!!..bola i2 hnggap ke mata kiriku...hahaha..aduh...sakit oww..sakit pun mlpaskan stick aq dri tngan and brjlan kluar dri pdg..sakit x bole mmbuka mtaku..then,aq pun rest..ndak jdi aq maen..hlang trus bha smgat aq mo rest and trus rsa mcm ndak mo maen nnti oww..then,bbrapa lma kmudian.,mtaku smakin pulih..hahaha..hbat bha aq nih..ndak paya jmpa doc..bole bka mta suda nie tpi msih skit laa..biarlaa..then,lbih kurg jam 11,kmi maen suda..kmi rematch ngan agama  kk..kmarin dia kmi mnang 3-1..then,arini..akibat mtaku yg sakit..n aq mcm teda smangat mo maen kan,..kmi kala' tipis ole diorang..hihihi..kmi kala' 1-2..hahaha..pdan mka aq..sapa sruh jdi goalkeeper ndak pkai gear..hahaha..then,final rsult about my eyes, smngat aq maen hoki ndak kan prnah hlg..haha idup hoki..!!

Friday, 20 March 2009


arini,ada trening hockey lgi kat pdg turf..mcm besa..seawal jam 7,aq suda smpai..sma c rey sma azmi..trus kmi msuk pdg,kluarkan bola,n setat main..main pkul2 jak..siok oww..gila..lpas tuh tba2 dorg sophie kctau yg match kmi jam 3..hahahaha...trus ilang smngat aq oww..jam 3 lgi tuh..bgus aq plang dlu,tidur..hhaahahaha..dlm prancngan mo lwan la ndak jdi,..psal dorg teda equipment,cgu dorg pun teda..mcm mna..jdi kna kci tngguh laa..hihihi...pas tu,tgh ari aq gi kk..trus aq solat jumaat  sna..lpas solat,aq gi kramunsing jap,mmblikan adik aq bku komik yg dia mhu..hahahha..then, aq gi blik ke pdg..jam 2 ..pas tuh tnggu utk prlawanan kmi ngan agama kk..prempuaan maen trllu lama oww dorg..jam 4 lbih bru abis nih...kili' btul..jdi kmi pun maen laa..dlam k'adaan ujan rntik2 ,siok..hahaha..and kmi mnang...3-1..hahahha..bgus,good stating..ada can la kta smua tu pulg,.pkul 5 suda bha..apalgi,smpai umah pun jam 6 laa..hihihi..

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


kmarin..kmi mulakan ltihan kat pdg siok..siok gla..sgt yg ndak siok nya aq kna sruh jdi keeper..teteda trima jak..jdi,ksudahannya..kala'kmi sma mktab sbah..tulah...sapa sruh kmu plih aq jdi keeper..hahahha..biarlaa..bru first tym bha..ndak apa..len kli bole buat bgus2 lgi..ari jumaat adalwan lgi..lwan la salle..ari sbtu plak lwan agama kk..ngam plak ari sbtu ada tuisyen add math pkul 9.00..hahaha..mcm mna nih..bgus aq pgi hoki..hahahaha..

Monday, 16 March 2009


today setat lah cti smnggu..hihi..mcm mlas oww..bkan mlas, mmg sgt mlas..boring..nsib ada stick hoki..bole men pkul bola..hihihi..bsuk ada ltihan sma friendly..yg aq tnggu2 tuh..bsuk jak siok..arini pun x tau apa mo buat d umah..jlan2 pun mlas..bgus aq lbih bgus jgak klu aq week pnilaian 1..mna bole aq biarkn kputusan aq yg byk mnurun mnurun dgn lbih psat lgi..msti kci naik blik oww..taun ni mo spm..msti aq rsa mcm awl lgi oww..bru blan 3..spm blan 11..hihihi..msih ada 7 thun lgi..mcm c debbie ckap..ya,7 thun lgi..bulih bha klu ko..apa lgi hah aq mo tlis,..biarlaa..teda sudaa apa2 dlm pkiranku ini..ckupla smpai d cni sja..


Saturday, 14 March 2009


pastu,kan..smentra mnggu solat jmaat,kmi jlan2 round skuwl..tgok2 keindahan skola..smbil tgok2 wek junior..hahaha..siok..blehla dktakan kmi mronda..hihihi..scan cwek..siok..lpas slat jmaat..lbih krg pkul 2,tru aq pi men sma pak cik..kmi dua yg pling awl nih..hahaha..siok men blast2 pkul yg ndak siok nya,kki ku yg lka trkna bola lgi..hihihi..jdi lka nya blum dpt smbuh lgi laa..psal lka nya trbuka lgi..hihihi..kmi men smpai ptg..biarllaa hjan..hihihi..mmg siok..pas tuh aq plg sma c rey,jlan kki kmi..mandangkan keadaan hjan sgt lbat dan bnjir..mmg x da bas laa..siok kmi jlan kki oww..hjan2 lgit tuh..tpi mmg sjuk oww..sjuk sgt..hihihi

Friday, 13 March 2009

ari jums'maat..

hihihuhu..arini...mcm besa pgi2 pigi skuwl..msa ptama sjarah..lima mnit jak..psal trllu lma prhimpunan pgi..ksian cigu rohayati...hihihi..pas tuh aq sma ezwan gi taklimat ops mnembak..nnti blan april..pgi cpitang lgi tuh..msti siok..hahahha...pas tuh bi..cigu noradila teda..jdi kmi pun msuk library jak..pas tuh rhat..hahaha..pas rhat..add math..cigu shirney ajr diffrentation..hihihi..sng bha igtkan ssah..msa pling last,p.a...cigu nety..tba plak lwak ba tuh cigu mngajar..semua bhasa dia pkai..hahaha..siok buss..

Thursday, 12 March 2009

next kan.. week..cti..hihihi..bgus..siok ada ltihan hoki oww..ndak paya la bha dtg..bgus aq men d umah jak...lgi hri slasa sma kamis ada match..hahaha..friendly match..ini yg aq tnggu2 nih..lwan skuwl lain..bole cri pngalaman...hahaha...bgi aq kmnangan i2 cma stu bonus bgi mreka yg mlakukan seswatu ngan brsngguh2..yg pnting kta dpt main sepuas2 hati..hahahaha..hlgkan stress...



arini,kseblasan utama kmi suda dpilih..

dan aq,..dpilih jdi goalkeeper..kja pling hrapan nih..

hahaha..biarlaa..dorg ckap aq ada bkat..bgus2..hihihi...

team kmi smakin mantap..dtambah lgi dgn ltihan tdi..

ltihan dlam hujan lbat..siok,geng..hahaha..mcm mau lgi oww..


Wednesday, 11 March 2009




mo blatih hoki tpi slalu ujan..apa bha..

tp siok jga bha men hoki tym hjan.. bole sakit..hihihi...

biarlaa yakin jak bha..

Saturday, 7 March 2009

smbungan blog sblumnya..

hahaha..sampai umah kan..

aq cci la lka aq tuh..

lpas tuh aq rwat dia..hahaha.. jdi urusetia majlis tdarus al-qur'an pringkat kk..

byk kwan aq jmpa oww..

sperti yg djngka..sanzac mng nasyid...


biarlaa..ptg lpas plg dri skuwl,trus aq gi kk jlan2 sma c rey..

pkai full uniform lgi tuh..siap dgn kot lgi bha..hahaha..

mcm lwak aq tgok psal stiap kli kmi jlan msti org tgok..hahaha..

femes aq yakin jak..

lpas tuh,pkul 5 gtu kmi pun plg..

hahaha..pnat geng...


Friday, 6 March 2009



siok gak laa..

arini kmi smua tlong ckgu ksi kmas2 skuwl..

hahaha..psal bsuk ada ptandingan tilawah al-qur'an pringkat kk..

skuwl kmi jdi tuan umah oww..siok ni bsuk..dpt jmpa byk kwan lma..

jdi urusetia aq buss..

tdi ptg..

lpas skuwl,kmi ada klas tmbahan add math..hahaha..smpai pkul4 oww..

cigu shirney ajar bab differentation sma function..dua2 ba fom 4..

lpas jak klas sma geng T.R.T..pgi pdang..

men hoki..


tym men hoki,tba2 tym c reily hit 2 bola kan..

ngam2 kna kki aq lgi tuh..

bgus kki aq suda dbalut apa bole buat..mcm ustaz junaidi ckap..

mmg takdir aq..kna hit bola d kki yg mmg luka..

apalagi,aq pun ksakitan laaa.. kci biar jak i2 lma2 ilang owww..

mlas aq mo cek 2 lka..biarlaa..yg pnting aq puas men hoki..

lpas tuh,tym kmi rest kan..bru aq check kki aq..

pnya men byk drah..nsib aq suda blut..klu ndak,mlimmpah ruah owww..


nsib ada kain pmbalut..

lpas tuh aq biarkan jak..

smpai umah 

Thursday, 5 March 2009


arini aq x gi ltihan hoki..

mlas owww...

lgpun dorg sih cbuk ltih skuad pompuan..


bru plg bah dri skuwl ni..

pnat oww..

tp ndak mngantuk..


bgus aq blatih d ruma men hoki..


idea yg bgus...

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

T.R.T. legends..

inilah dia..

mka2 aahli2 geng T.R.T.

atau lbih dknali sbgai THE RED TIGER..


TAiKO dia..sepa lgi??aq laaa..


dtbuhkan pda thun 2007..brmula dri psukan bola sepak..

dan kni mnjdi slah stu geng yg mmpunyai pngaruh kuat d smk kolombong..


geng ini mmpunyai tiga JENERAL..trmasuk aq..

R 4 romance,aq@SIR'AdE",MR.sMilEy..

x dlupakan jgak pnasihat tknologi kmi iaitu..



mmpunyai keahlian yg amat byk..

tdk kra umur..


yg psti slogan T.R.T. yg kni mnjadi ikutan iaitu


tlah mnjadi sbutan pra pljar d smk kolombong..

bkan ctakat plajar,mlah gru jgak..

hahaha..hbat kan...



inilah mka2 org rokers...



rey,aq,reily n daus..

smuanya mka2 hoki smk kolombong..


kmarin siok,kmi blatih biarpun hjan..

pkai bju skola lgi tuh..mlas mo tkar bju nih..

mmg enjoy men kmarin..

smpai plang pun bsah2 bha..


biarlaa..byk pngalaman aq dpt..


Saturday, 28 February 2009




kmarin kmi blatih hoki fulblast..

biarpun blatih pkai bju skuwl..

aq c rey,reily sma c daus...

trnyata c reily ada potensi main hoki..

sma jgak mcm c rey..cmpin ni..


yakin jak dia ckap..


tp mmg siok..


aq mo blatih puas2..

suda aq bli bola hoki..


matila ko...


msti siok nih..

Sunday, 22 February 2009

enduk na bha..


indak siok oww..kasian gengku yg len..

aq pun kaciwa bha..

tp ckrg kta ada msi..

msti fokus ama hoki..


Saturday, 21 February 2009

apa leh wat..


arini,kasian aq..

bgus2 aq smangat mo ikut mrentas desa..ndak jdi plak..

tba2 aq skit..trus pop aq blang,ndak payala gi skuwl...

enduk na bah..kasian..

skit ni pun stu,tym hri jdi aq jgak dia mo dtg..

apa leh wat,bgus2 aq redy suda mo mrentas desa...



apa leh wat...

jdi,arini tperap jak laa aq kat umah...

hihihi..mkin tua aq..suda 17...


mcm T.R.T. ckap,yakin jak...

Friday, 20 February 2009

ari jumaat..

arini aq mcm besa..

pigi cigu roslan pun mcm besa,..cek rmbut..

hahaha..byk yg kna aq bjaya mloloskan diri dri ckupan cigu roslan..



arini jgak..

aq sakit dlam klas..

tba2 baa...jam 8 lbih nih..

aq rsa sjuk2..pdahal ndak sjuk pun..

lpas tuh kpalaku skit..pning2 bah...


jdi,aq tdurla dlm klas...

cigu mngajar pun aq tdur..

hihihi..siok nih....lpas tuh,tym cigu noradila..

aq rsa ok ckit..smpai msa plg..

lpas tuh aq lpak2 sma geeng T.R.T..

kjar plajar..c shafiq ckap dia nmpak org men judi..

apalagi,kmi pun pigi kjarlaa...(dgn pnuh bngga)..

tgok2 kan..smpai sna..teda suda org nih..

suma suda lri..ktawa aq sma c shafiq..

hahahaha...kasian dia..semangat tul dia...

lpas tuh solat jumaat...

lpas tuh plg umah..

smpat lgi men bla baling sma dorg c reily..


ckrg aq d umah...

hahaha..bsuk mrentas desa..

aq fulllast nih bsuk..

msti dpt pun okla baa..hahaha.. 

Thursday, 19 February 2009

apa2 jak lha..

tp ckrg nih,aq msti blatih hoki..


mo kci mng skuwl thun nih..


ari sbtu nih pun ada mrentas desa..

jd,mlai ckrg mo joging byk2..

spya than napas..

bole dpt number nnti ptandingan..

bngga jgak T.R.T..




x tau mo tlis apa..


mcm T.R.T. ckap,"yakin jak"..


iyala tuh..

btul la bah klu ko...

btw,byk homwok oww..

cigu pun bsing2 suda mrah2 nih...

apa bah..

tp biarlaa..

mlas mo lyan dorg smua..