Wednesday, 24 June 2009

i'm a dead meat!!

omg!!it's been a long tym since the last post..dis,few days,i don't feel like to post anything,eventhough i hav many story to share..hahahaha..k laa..last saturday,..we,(me and many of TRT members,and fom 3 students)going to war!!war with other students in 1B..for the RHB THE STAR MIGHTY MIND SABAH STATE CHALLENGE..we're there for about one day..hihihi..we've also take a stroll there before competin',..hahaha..two team from fom 3 and also two team from fom was a very competitive comptition as there are skuwl from all region of sabah were taking was a good chance for all of us to meet with new friends as well as old,the winner fr da fom 3 is smk bahang and the winner for the fom 5 is sm convent st cecillia all the way from was worth for them,to win and representing sabah at the national challenge that will be held on august..huhu..congratulate to u all,and do da best at da national level..then,as for me,i will be competin in SIR for abut less than two weeks will be held on 5 july at the same place,, 1B...hahaha..i feel pity with myself coz i didn't even do any revision or practising..hahahaha..never open any will be a tough time for me..hahahaha..k laa..ckupla ctakat nih jak kli nihh..choww

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